Each category has one editor, the editors can choose from all designated user created quizzes and choose some to become "Editor Picks." Sporcle Editors are usually selected from the top quiz creators and commenters on the site.

Editors also play a vital role in supporting quizmakers and contributing greatly to the improvement of the site.

The 15 Editors:Edit

Entertainment  - slipkid
Gaming - Stanford0008
Geography - RobPro
History - needapausebutton
Holiday - MovieGuru
Just For Fun - druhutch
Language - Flick
Literature - citkeane
Miscellaneous - Hejman
Movies - FearTheManatee
Music - rockgolf
Religion - NJSB
Science - sproutcm
Sports - sultanofswing
Television - bazmerelda

Editor's PicksEdit

Each editor selects the best non-published quizzes in his or her category as Editor's Picks (commonly abbreviated EP's). You can find a list of the most recent EP's here.

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